über dies kontakt

Kurt Fleisch ist Facharzt für Psychiatrie.

Kontakt: markus /ät/ bananenfisch \punkt\ net

Impressum / verantwortlich für dieses Blog:
Friedrich Nietzsche
Fürstlich-sächsisch-weimarische Irreninstitut zu Jena
Bachstrasse 18
D-07740 Jena

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  1. Robin sagt:


    I saw your modified script for the sms-counter on the nokia n900. I tried to modify it, but I can’t seem to get it right.
    I want a new label on the widget that also displays the received messages, all time. So without the reset date.
    The reason why i can’t get it right is because i can’t debug… i’m on windows and the development for maemo is only available on Linux…
    Could you help me out please

    Kind Regards, Robin

  2. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    i don’t have the SDK installed too – you can code on the n900 directly :-) well, just connect it to your network (install the sshd for the n900 and connect through ssh)… good luck :)

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