diDesktop Icons Switch

This extension adds a switch to enable or disable the desktop icons. This is also possible via gnome-tweak-tool, but this is for faster access to turn the icons on and off…

Latest version: 4 (update for gnome-shell 3.8) – outdated!

Download and activate it via Desktop Icons Switch








recent itemsRecent Items

Download and activate it via Recent Items










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  1. […] Meine fertige Extension kann übrigens auch direkt von dieser Seite installiert und aktiviert werden: Der Code findet sich hier: GNOME. […]

  2. Thanks, this is a great extension,… I had no idea how to clear gnome-shell history, apparently deleting recently-used.xbel doesn’t do the trick, probably because it’s loaded into memory somewhere. So that hack probably only works if done from outside gnome-shell.

    Anyways, I was thinking maybe an extension that enabled/disabled the recording of recently used files. Kind of like private mode in Firefox would be great. It shouldn’t necessarily clear the history, just allow me to stop recording the history. A thing that would be useful when accessing truecrypt partitions or external hard drives where I don’t need the files to show up in history later.

    I tried looking for documentation of the JS api, but couldn’t really find any. Do you know where I can find an overview of methods on GtkRecentManager?

  3. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    thats a good idea, jonas. i have to check, how this is possible to implement (the JS-bindings are not well documented, and i’m new at this libs…). it’s on the todo-list :-)

  4. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    here is a doc:

    some functions are already implemented here: /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/misc/docInfo.js
    i was searching in gconf/dconf for settings, but nothing found…

  5. Francesco sagt:

    Thankyou for the amazing recent item extensions, i use it very often. Now that precise pangolin is out, colud you update the extension to gnome 3.4?
    Thankyou so much!

  6. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    Hi Francesco,

    thank you!
    i will update the extension for gnome 3.4 as soon as the gnome-shell 3.4 will be available on debian unstable (i hope, this could be very soon: ), as i use debian on all my systems…

  7. Robert sagt:

    Hi Kurt,

    Could you please update the extension to Gnome 3.8?



  8. Paolo sagt:

    The Recent Items extension is very nice. Thank you for developing it and compliment to all of us.

    When you have time, consider updating it for gnome 3.8.

  9. Thiago Moreira sagt:

    To use with gnome 3.8, just add 3.8 in version list on file „metadata.json“ locate in „/home/username/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/“

  10. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    Thanks Thiago! – i’m still on 3.6, but have updated the extensions by adding the version. Should be online at now too!

  11. lukaz sagt:

    Many thanks. your extension makes gnome shell more usable

  12. Matias Gatti sagt:

    Hi, Your Addon is awesome, very useful. But I think it would be great if you can „stick“ some files at the top of the list

  13. thens sagt:

    this extension doesn’t work for me anymore once I selected ‚clear list‘ for the first time; nothing happens anymore if I’ll press the icon in the top bar.
    Any ideas? (didn’t work with re-installation)
    I’m currently on gnome 3.10.

  14. thens sagt:

    Okay, nvm, things work now after I’ve restarted gnome shell ;S

  15. careca sagt:


    How can I BLACKLIST the following MIME-type: application/x-mat (*.mat files)

    If I try entering „application“ at „const BLACKLIST“ it blocks every „application“ types.
    Trying „application/x-mat“ or just „x-mat“, it does not work.

    Can’t one use just extension wildcard (e.g. *.mat) for making things more simple?

    Thanks a lot!

  16. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    Hi careca,

    quick fix, the line 124:

    if (blacklistList.indexOf((itemtype.split(„/“))[0]) == -1)

    try replace with:

    if (blacklistList.indexOf((itemtype.split(„/“))[0]) == -1 && blacklistList.indexOf(itemtype) == -1)

    … then it should work with „application/x-mat“

    (untested :-) let me know if it works…)

  17. careca sagt:

    Hi Kurt,
    Thanks for quick help!

    YES it does the job.

    For both strings: „application/x-mat“ and „application“
    it works fine.


  18. xingbo wu sagt:

    Could you please update it to gnome-shell 3.12? Thank you!!
    Good job :) I love it!

  19. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    update for recent items done :)

  20. max sagt:

    thx for the extension.
    one of my recent files doesn’t open : is it possible to have the path of the rencent items ?

  21. Leslie Satenstein sagt:

    Hello Kurt

    I am a Mr Leslie from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    With Gnome now at 3.16 and soon 3.17, would you be able to update your fantastic extension? If not, can you suggest what is required to bring it up to version 3.16?

    Vielen Dank im Voraus für jede Antwort

    Thank you for a great extension.


  22. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    Hi Leslie,

    still waiting for 3.16 in Debian…
    but you can change metadata.json (~/.local/share/extensions/ adding 3.16 in the shell-version variable – should work.

  23. Rafa Godinez sagt:

    Hi Kurt,

    Thanks for your excellent extension.

    Unfortunately, adding or changing 3.16 in the shell-version variable does not work.

    „_generated“: „Generated by SweetTooth, do not edit“,
    „description“: „Adds an icon for recently used items at the top panel; clear list by click… New version: Settings for: number of items, number of items under \“more\“ and blacklisting options are defined at the top of extension.js (see for more infos).“,
    „name“: „Recent Items“,
    „shell-version“: [
    „url“: „“,
    „uuid“: „“,
    „version“: 9

    Looking forward to having your extremely useful extension updated.

    Thanks in advance,

  24. Kurt Fleisch sagt:

    Please use version 12 – it works with gnome 3.16

  25. Rammy sagt:

    Hallo Kurt,
    ist es möglich recent mit gnome 3.18 zu nutzen?

  26. Foster sagt:

    Hello Kurt,

    I recently downloaded your IP Connection app for listing ips for a research project. My problem is the IPv6 addresses appear to be a composite of 4 parts IPv6 with an IPv4 following it up on the host section.

    Is there anyway of having the app output pure IPv6 addresses?

    Thank you,


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